Wim Forton

Date of birth:

3300 Oplinter

+32 472/812271

Art, Music
RC Flying

Dutch: native
English: fluent written & spoken
French, German: spoken & understood

Drivers license: B


After a 20+ year long carrier in animation and visual effects I'm going in a new direction.
In 2021 I had the opportunity to follow a 6 month course in fullstack development in .net C# and typescript (angular).
I now have 2 years of experience in typescript game development for Starcasino in Brussels, I also did a lot of programming for my VFX work.
During and after my course I made several projects to grow my skills in programming and demonstrate my capabilities. The most important ones you can find on my github page:

Regards, Wim Forton


• C#: SQL, Git, MVC, Linq, Entity and Identity Framework, Xamarin, Swagger, Razor pages, OpenGL.
• Typescript: Pixijs, Angular, Angular material, Bootstrap, Threejs webgl, HTML, CSS, HTTPS communication, CLI
• Common: SOLID design principles, OOP, Agile

Work experience

2021 2023 Starcasino: Frontend game developer
2021 2021 Course fullstack developer .net/C#
2019 2021 Angle Gaming Labs: Game design.
2017 2019 Freelance
2012 2017 Kadenza: Animation and styling for diverse ketnet and vrt programs, pilot for animated tv series.
2008 2012 Freelance: Cotoon, Creacon, Pix-it, kadenza, Grid, Walking-The-Dog, The Fridge...
2003 2008 Sabouge Antwerp: Computer animation.
2002 2003 Pix-it: Computer animation.
2001 2002 Freelance: pix-it, medina factory etc.
1996 2001 Grid-vfx: Computer animation.
1993 1996 Silkscreen art, photography, illustration


2021 2021 Course fullstack developer .net/C#
1992 1996 Courses: classical animation, anatomy drawing, painting, cartoon drawing, C++
1991 1993 Graphic design at St.Maria
1988 1991 Restoration techniques at Technicum