3D desktop application

A desktop 3D Modeling application


This is a project that I made during my course fullstack developer.

My goal was to program a 3D application to learn solid object oriented programming skills and to see how many features I could add. I used C#, xaml for the node window and the glfw dll for the 3D view.

For this project I wrote:

  • A 3D data model with points, vertices and polygons.
  • 3D classes to generate primitives (torus, sphere etc.).
  • A parser to translate standard .obj files to my own datastructure.
  • A gui framework to store, use and display the nodes and connections that make up the 3D models.
  • A 3D render framework that uses the glfw library to make use of open gl hardware rendering.
  • Functionality to save and load the users work as a json file.
  • A keyframe system to animate most of the parameters over time.